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Vancouver first aid

Baby girl given first aid when she stopped breathing

A baby girl who stopped breathing was given first aid. The American border officers were able to revive a baby girl who ceased to breathe while she and her mother were in line to cross into the United States. Timely intervention to save a life The U.S. Customs and Border Protection office stated that the […]

Vancouver first aid

Student involved in train incident given first aid

A student who was involved in train incident was given first aid. Mourners brought flowers to a memorial near Crescent Beach as friends and family gathered to remember a teen who was killed by a train. Deadly train incident Jack Stroud just graduated Grade 9 at Surrey’s Elgin Park Secondary School where he played on […]

Vancouver first aid

Man who was given first aid after Burnaby fire dies

A man involved in a Burnaby fire was given first aid care. The man was found unconscious in a burning home in Burnaby. Sadly, he died in a healthcare facility despite the efforts of the firefighters, paramedics and one brave neighbor. Burnaby fire claims a life The fire broke out at a duplex on 16th […]

Vancouver first aid

Nunavut hunters recalls encounter with the polar bears

Two Nunavut hunters survived a polar attack and one of their companions was killed. The encounter started when a mother polar bear and her cub went to their camp and attacked them. Icy ordeal According to one of the hunters named Leo Lijangiag, age 38, they were having a morning tea together with his two […]