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Vancouver first aid

Winnipeg man thanks strangers for saving his life

A man from Winnipeg thanks 2 strangers who provided CPR and first aid when his heart suddenly stopped beating while jogging. Timely intervention Mark Smith, a 62-year-old man collapsed on a Wellington Crescent sidewalk and possibility that he might die. Two “angels” immediately helped and provided CPR to the comatose man. The angels turned out […]

Vancouver first aid

Rapid delivery of CPR to save a shooting victim

A retired doctor was recognized for the quick delivery of CPR to save a shooting victim. The shooting incident occurred in downtown Vancouver. Shooting ordeal Cliff Chase is a former emergency room doctor. He was shopping in Yaletown when Gerald Battersby opened fire. Battersby shot his former landlord and employer in broad daylight, hitting his […]

Vancouver first aid

Victim of collision on rush hour traffic given CPR

A victim of a collision on rush hour traffic received CPR. A serious collision involving several vehicles snarled traffic on Highway 1 in Burnaby during the rush hour commute. Deadly crash It appears a white pickup truck was traveling west when it collided with the center median and ended up in the eastbound lanes. The […]