Victim of road accident receives CPR

A young man is in a critical condition after struck by a truck while attempting to hail a cab early Thursday morning in Pitt Meadows.

According to Ridge Meadows RCMP, it occurred around 2:30 AM close to the intersection of Lougheed Highway and Harris Road.

Traffic safety

Based on the witnesses, the pedestrian was trying to hail a taxi while he stepped into the eastbound lanes of Lougheed Highway and was hit by a five-ton box truck.

Several Good samaritans stopped to help and perform CPR until the emergency team arrived on the scene.

According to RCMP, the22-year old Port Coquitlam man was brought to a healthcare facility in critical condition. The investigation is still on the process. The Mounties say the driver of the truck is cooperating with the police.

Vancouver first aid
Prompt delivery of CPR and using an AED can save a life.

According to Sgt. BrendaGresiuk, everybody must remember that the days are darker and the weather is making the visibility poor. She eagerly thanks the witnesses who stop to deliver first aid care to the man.

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