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Vancouver first aid

AED successfully saves the life of a man

The man is alive thanks to the easy access of the live-saving device and quick thinking. Eugene Manuel, 46-years old was competing in a fitness challenge at his local gym in Miramichi when his heart ceases to beat abruptly. He collapsed but bystanders delivered CPR and restarted his heart with an automatic emergency defibrillator (AED)from […]

Vancouver first aid

Mailman instructed to perform CPR on unresponsive woman

A Winnipeg mail carrier who saw an unconscious woman says he was instructed to deliver CPR despite stating worries about the white powder on her shirt. Accompanying dangers Corey Gallagher found the woman on Tuesday morning in an apartment hall while distributing mail. Since there was no response, he called for emergency assistance and told […]

Vancouver first aid

A man’s life is saved while on the border

A man was under medical distress after arriving at the border to cross from Abbotsford to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers at the Huntingdon border crossing helped save the life of a 56-year old Canadian man. The Kamloops man along with his wife arrived at the border to cross from Abbotsford into […]

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