Vancouver first aid

CPR performed by health minister saves a life

John Haggie emphasizes the importance of life-saving training. First aid and CPR training are highly beneficial for anyone.

Saving a life

Saving a life of a man is considered as an act of heroism but one Newfoundland and Labrador politicians downplaying his action. He hopes to spur others to undergo life-saving training such as CPR.

According to JohnHaggie, his role is simply coincidental. The minister of Health and community services was enjoying a plate of fish and brewis at the Gander Legion which was part of the Festival of Life. At the same time, a gentleman collapsed and CPR is necessary.

Lack of a pulse

According to Haggie, the man did not have a pulse and was unresponsive. As a former surgeon and well-trained in life support, Haggie knew what to do.

It is vital to follow the routine as training in your basic life support. The man was unresponsive and did not have a pulse which are both criteria to start CPR.

Luckily, the outcome was a good one. The man was alert and speaking by the time he was transported to a healthcare facility.

Vancouver first aid
Prompt delivery of CPR and using an AED can save a life.

Be ready to save a life by enrolling in a first aid course

Prompt delivery of CPR and using an AED can save a life. If you want to be prepared during emergencies, it is recommended to enroll in a first aid course today.

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