Police officer revives 72-year old in cardiac arrest

A police officer performs CPR on a 72-year old suffering cardiac arrest. The paramedics are crediting a city police officer for saving the life of a 72-year old man who collapsed outside a west-end restaurant last weekend with CPR and an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Saving a life

Early recognition, CPR and using an AED is the key in saving cardiac arrest victims. Const. Ashley Nisbet was the first to arrive on the scene when the man collapsed on Carling Avenue near Maitland Avenue. She started the resuscitation efforts on the man.

Vancouver first aid

Proper delivery of CPR and using an AED can help save a life. These

Upon arrival of the paramedics, the man had regained a pulse, but remains unconscious. The man started moving during his transport to a healthcare facility in critical condition. It was considered as an encouraging sign by the paramedics.

Nisbet, like all Ottawa Police Services officers were trained on using an AED as part of first aid training when hired along with a yearly refresher course.

Training on CPR and AED

Proper delivery of CPR and using an AED can help save a life. These are the essential life-saving skills that you can learn in a first aid course.

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