Teen helps rescued a hypothermic man

A teen named Travis and his father is planning to spend the Victoria Day weekend to go fishing on Georgian Bay.

According to Travis, it was cold and windy Sunday afternoon at Marina in Port Severn and Hidden Glen Trailer Park. The 15-year-old teen attempted to walk down a vacant dock. He suddenly heard a man crying and asking for help. He looked around the area but did not see anyone. Then he saw the man in the water holding on the dock. Travis ran back into the trailer and shouted for help. All the people in the trailer went into the dock and pulled the man out of the water. The man was very cold. They immediately provided first aid to the man and wrapped him in a blanket to keep him warm.

Saving a life

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They immediately provided first aid to the man and wrapped him in a blanket to keep him warm.

The manager of the trailer park, Bob McInnes, confirmed the incident and immediately provided help to the man when Travis shouted for help. They all jumped into action and pulled him out of the water. The man was very heavy. According to a witness the man fell in the deep cold water while trying to secure his boat at the dock.

The man was not wearing any lifejacket and does not know how to swim. Furthermore, McInnes did not bother to call for medical assistance at that time because there were people who provided first aid on the man and he is already fine.

Constable Dave Hobson of the Southern Georgian Bay police, they have confirmed that they did not call for emergency assistance, and added that someone should have taken the initiative in calling the emergency numbers for services of the paramedic.

Any person who has been exposed to cold water for a prolonged time and shows signs of hypothermia should be immediately provided first aid and medical attention. Calling the services of the paramedics and transferring them to the hospital.

According to Travis, the man was very weak and cold when he was pulled from the cold water. He was immediately wrapped in a blanket to keep him warm. A witness said that the ice in the water was already dissolved for the past couple of weeks but still the temperature of the water is still very cold.

Everybody in the area was very grateful for Travis. It was very good that he was there at the time of the incident. The man could have died of hypothermia if he was not saved immediately.

Travis is now taking first aid courses and swimming lessons, which can be used in times of emergencies like this.

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