1 dead and 1 in serious condition after a three-car crash

One man is dead and a woman is in serious condition after a three-car crash that happened on the Malahat on a Saturday afternoon. According to the British Columbia Emergency Health Services, they were sent to the area on the northbound lane of the Vancouver roadway near Aspen Road before 1 in the afternoon. They confirmed that one person is already dead.

Deadly collision

The dead man was identified as David James Tilley, 46 years old. He was the son Bruce Tilley who was a former city councilor of St. John.

Vancouver first aid

She was one of the four people who provided CPR on the man who died in the accident.

A woman named Lizy Gipson was driving up to Mill Bay when she passed by the area shortly after the crash happened. She was one of the four people who provided CPR on the man who died in the accident.

Gipson and her partner were on the road when they saw a vehicle going south with minor damage. When the traffic stopped, Gipson immediately got out of her car and walked to see if her first aid could be of use. She could see different parts of a car scattered across the highway. According to Gipson she saw a minivan-type car in the middle of the highway and another car near the ditch. The car near the ditch had two people inside. She saw the man was seriously injured and the woman in the passenger’s seat identified herself as Justine, the wife of the man. The wife had injuries but still conscious. Both the victims could not be removed from the car. According to Gipson she immediately provided CPR on the man and she was later helped by three men. All of us are not giving up on the man.

The paramedics finally arrived and took the woman out of the car and transferred her on a stretcher. The man was declared dead at the scene. The wife was immediately brought to the hospital by the paramedics for further treatment.

The incident happened in a construction zone with a 60km/h restrictions. According to the police, it is not clear was caused the collisions. The highway was temporarily closed that day and was fully reopened in a few hours and drivers should expect delays.

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