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Vancouver first aid

Student involved in train incident given first aid

A student who was involved in train incident was given first aid. Mourners brought flowers to a memorial near Crescent Beach as friends and family gathered to remember a teen who was killed by a train. Deadly train incident Jack Stroud just graduated Grade 9 at Surrey’s Elgin Park Secondary School where he played on […]

Vancouver first aid

Nunavut hunters recalls encounter with the polar bears

Two Nunavut hunters survived a polar attack and one of their companions was killed. The encounter started when a mother polar bear and her cub went to their camp and attacked them. Icy ordeal According to one of the hunters named Leo Lijangiag, age 38, they were having a morning tea together with his two […]

Vancouver first aid

CPR performed on bleeding break-in suspect

A bleeding break-in suspect was given CPR. A confrontation between the police and an agitated, injured break-in suspect that ended with his death is under investigation by B.C.’s police watchdog. Bleeding emergency The man who was not publicly identified was Tasered after he was found in a Coquitlam home. According to RCMP, the police received […]

Vancouver first aid

Possible victim of Beddington Heights incident given first aid care

The Calgary police are investigating damage to a house and vehicle after gunshots. The gunshots were heart in a northeast community. The officers responded to reports of gunshots heart in the 100 block of Beddington Circle N.E. at around 8 PM. According to the police, they discovered bullet holes in a vehicle. At the house, […]

Vancouver first aid

Woman hit by stray bullet received first aid care

A woman was hit by a stray bullet during the Cardinals game. According to the police, a woman attending a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game was grazed in the arm by a stray bullet that possibly originated outside the Busch Stadium. Stray bullet The 34-year old victim was within the ballpark during the game against […]

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