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Good Samaritan saves baby with CPR

A mom named Corinne McQuillan and Cody McEachern were on their way home to Cornwall after shopping at Walmart when their 8-month old baby started having a seizure. She tried reaching out on Facebook to find the Good Samaritan who stopped and help them during their ordeal with their baby.

Saving a life

McQuillan recalled that they stopped on Upton Road and they got out of the car. They noticed that their baby was turning blue and his eyes were rolling back into the back of his head. Our baby is having a seizure. She did not know what was going on, but she knows that her son is going to survive. They immediately unbuckled the baby and got him out of the car. She plans of calling the emergency numbers or provide CPR on her baby. She is properly trained in first aid and CPR. But she was under severe stress and her training was not used, just went out of the window. I just panicked and don’t know what to do. It was just a terrifying situation I ever met.

Vancouver first aid
They noticed that their baby was turning blue and his eyes were rolling back into the back of his head.

The two hysterical parents waited on the side of the road for anybody who could help them. Moments later a woman stepped out of a bus and heard the screaming mother asking for help.

According to McQuillan the woman immediately picked up the baby and immediately provided first aid. He began patting the back of the baby. During that time Corinne McQuillan is terrified that her baby might die. Then the baby spit up, started breathing and the baby was not crying. She was happy that their baby is awake and breathing. But still the baby is not yet normal.

The woman stayed with Archer and the parents until the paramedics and the ambulance arrived in the area. The paramedics continued with the treatment. An off-duty police officer, a man and an older woman also stopped and provided help for the couple and their baby. The baby was immediately brought to the hospital for further treatment.

In the hospital the couple was later told that Archer had a febrile seizure. This condition is very scary to see but not that very dangerous. This condition is caused by fever and last only for a few minutes and no long term effects.

The couple still hopes to find the woman who ran back and helped them. They posted a message on Facebook asking help to find the woman. Eventually they found the woman. The name of the woman is Justyn Caldwell. She is a preschool teacher and well trained in first aid.

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