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Inmate found dead at Elgin-Middlesex Detention Center

An inmate was found dead inside his cell. According to the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services of Ontario, confirmed that an inmate from the EMDC or Elgin-Middlesex Detention Center died bringing a total of 15 deaths in the fast years.

Unexpected ordeal

In an email to news, the spokesperson of the Ministry stated that the inmate was unresponsive inside his cell. The staff of the detention center immediately provided CPR and first aid on the victim. Some called the paramedics and continued with the treatment. The inmate was immediately brought by the ambulance to the hospital but was eventually declared dead. Furthermore, the spokesperson added that it is the 15th inmate death at the EMDC in the past years.

According to Steve Moerman, the superintendent of the Middlesex-London EMS said that the paramedics responded to two separate calls on two inmates at the Elgin-Middlesex Detention Center that happened on that same day.

Vancouver first aid
He was provided with first aid and CPR by the staff of the detention center before he died.

One male in his 20’s was in severe condition and another male in his 50’s. Both were given CPR and first aid by the staff of the detention center. They were immediately transported by the paramedics to the London Health Sciences Center for further treatment.

In the past years, some inmates died by suicides or suffering from untreated illnesses. An inmate named Adam Kargus was beaten to death by fellow prisoners that happened in 2013. He was provided with first aid and CPR by the staff of the detention center before he died.

Three inmates were taken to the hospital after overdosing from drugs. The Ministry of Safety and Correctional Services of Ontario confirmed that the three inmates from the Elgin-Middlesex Detention Center were suffering from a drug overdose while inside the jail.

Investigations are underway to determine the cause and how the inmate died. The ministry has procedures and policies in place to identify and prevent contraband from getting inside the facility. Detention staff should be vigilant with people visiting the place. It includes thorough and frequent searches of any suspected contraband.

Despite the installation of body scanners that can search for internal and external contraband, some inmates still have access to the drugs. A canine unit had been set up to serve as prevention to contraband such as the very dangerous drugs. The ministry will install a new ion scanner that can identify the kind of drugs placed inside mails of the inmates.

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