Girl hit by a train first aid provided by officers

A girl was taken to the hospital and in critical condition. She was hit by a train near Gage Park.

Emergency crews received a call of an incident that happened at Lawrence Road and Gage Avenue South around 6:10 in the evening.

Timely intervention

Two police officers from Hamilton first responded to the area. An 8 year-old-girl was hit by a train in Hamilton. These officers immediately provided first aid on the girl. The leg of the girl was severely injured. According to the officers, they applied a tourniquet on the affected area to minimize the flow of blood in the area.

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These officers immediately provided first aid on the girl.

According to Constable Lorraine Edwards, she stated in the news that within three to four minutes of the emergency call, two officers arrived in the area before the Emergency Medical Services. Furthermore, these officers made a fast response by immediately providing first aid on the girl.

They used a tourniquet on the leg of the girl to provide pressure and stop the bleeding. According to the paramedics, the 2 police officers most likely have saved the life of the girl. Four young children were in the area at that time.

The Hamilton police officers believe that the girl and her friends were playing near the railroad tracks. There is a possibility that the children might have attempted to jump onto the train that was running at a slow speed. The girl might have fallen and her leg was run over by the train and resulted in severe injuries. She was immediately transported to the Children’s Hospital to undergo surgery.

The incident happened in Matthew Green’s Ward. According to Green, one of the historical features of the neighborhood is an old industrial rail line that is bisecting within the neighborhood. It rarely happens and tragic when it does. Our thoughts are with the little girl and her family.

Furthermore Green said that there is generally a culture of awareness where families, parents, and schools working together and being aware of the railroad track. The primary importance is the education for the community around about safety concern.

It is important to teach children and adults on how to safely cross railroad tracks and never walk or play on railroad tracks.

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