Man found dead in a parking lot of Whitehorn Safeway

A man was found dead in a parking lot of Whitehorn Safeway. Calgary police are investigating an incident after a man with serious injuries died in hospital.

According to the police, they have identified the victim as Darrin Thomas Amond, found dead in a parking lot of the Whitehorn Safeway about 2 weeks ago.

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A man stopped the police and asking for help for a man in medical distress. The officers pulled over and immediately provided first aid and CPR. The injuries of the man were very serious and they believed it was caused by a serious assault. Paramedics arrived in the area and immediately brought the man to the hospital where his condition worsened.

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The officers pulled over and immediately provided first aid and CPR.

There were some witnesses in the area during the incident which happened in the middle of the afternoon. The police hope these witnesses can provide them with the information they needed.

According to news, they confirmed that Amond was previously charged with killing Marcus Tremaine Deveaux, age 37 in 2011. The victim was found in an Inglewood snowbank. Amond was sentenced to four-year imprisonment.

Amond with his friend Richard Ceasor beat to death Deveaux because he was not able to provide them with a cigarette. Some people in the area who witnessed the incident immediately provided first aid and CPR on Deveaux. The paramedic arrived and continued with the treatment and was taken immediately to the hospital. He was eventually declared dead due to his injuries.

According to the police, the assault was random and Deveaux does not know his attackers. The family of Deveaux attended the sentencing of Amond and Ceasor. Ceasor pleaded guilty for his involvement of beating to death Deveaux. He was sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment. Amond was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment.

According to Deveaux mother, Linda, she was a little bit disappointed that the imprisonment of Amond seems very light. My son already lost his life.

Deveaux mother was very grateful and thanks to the work of the Calgary police for what they have done for my son. At that time the police described the attack as unprovoked, random and brutal. The victim does not know his attackers.

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