Man recognized as hero for saving child with CPR

A Metro Vancouver man who learned CPR recognized as hero for saving toddler. The incident occurred in a backyard pool in an upscale Surrey, B.C. neighborhood.

Saving a life

The 2 ½ year old boy, Brooklyn managed to go past a gate and fell into the pool. The mother pulled the unconscious youngster from the water after finding her lying unresponsive and facing down.

Vancouver first aid

CPR training is vital not only in the workplace but also at home.

Mario Knezevic who was visiting a neighbor ran outside when he heard the woman’s scream. He grabbed the little girl and quickly started CPR on the pool deck. When the mouth of your child turned blue, almost black, he did not think she could be revived.

He pumped her 6 times and nothing happened. She did not have any signs of life. According to Knezevic, the CPR training that he learned in Croatia 26 years ago came flooding back to him when he saw the girl in distress, but he was terrified that something would go wrong.

Another doctor, a doctor took over with the compressions until an air ambulance arrived and transported the girl to BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver. The police estimated that the child was in the pool for less than 5 minutes.

According to the girl’s mother, Leslie, her child was breathing on her own and made a full recovery.

Importance of CPR training

CPR training is vital not only in the workplace but also at home. Since emergencies occur without warning, the life-saving technique can improve the chances of survival during emergencies. You can be prepared by enrolling in a first aid class today.

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