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A life was saved by defibrillator, staff and patrons at Nipigon rec centre

With the help of a defibrillator and timely delivery of CPR, a life was saved while waiting for the ambulance.

The rapid thinking and availability of a public defibrillator are given credit for saving the life of a man at Nipigon Ont.

A man who just finished a workout routine on a treadmill was sitting down at the Nipigon Community Centre. In a short while, he collapsed from his seat. One of the patrons rushed to get the Recreation Director Celeste Mannila and she called 911. Another patron obtained the nearby defibrillator and looked to Mannila to use it.

Vancouver first aid
With bystanders who can perform CPR and access to a defibrillator, they can make a big difference in such cases.

She placed the pads on the man and used the device. The defibrillator delivered a shock. After that, she and the operator of the facility performed CPR until the man was breathing again.

Upon the arrival of the paramedics, the man was transported to a healthcare facility in Nipigon. He was later transferred to the Health Sciences Centre in Thunder Bay.

Counting down to seconds and minutes

According to Wayne Gates, acting chief of Superior North EMS, incidents similar to this simply shows the importance of emergency preparedness. Although paramedics can effectively handle scenarios upon reaching the scene, but cases of sudden cardiac arrests takes seconds to minutes.

There is no law requiring the availability of defibrillators but the device has been installed in various public areas include arenas and community centers. The devices are used around once or twice in a year and proven to save lives.

With bystanders who can perform CPR and access to a defibrillator, they can make a big difference in such cases. This also stresses the importance of taking a first aid and CPR course. It is a worthy investment that you will surely need in the future since you never know when accidents or medical emergencies will occur.

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