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Boy’s life saved by a man with first aid

A boy named Zacarias, 10 years old feel at Elora Gorge and hit his head. An anonymous man immediately provided first aid on the boy just to keep him alive.  The boy’s mother Joanne Beckett was very grateful and wished to thank the man who helped saved Zacarias.

Saving a life

The accident happened at Elora Gorge during a long weekend on Canada Day. Beckett and her boyfriend were helping her youngest daughter down the last step of a concrete stairway. Her son, Zacarias was a few feet ahead of them, slipped and bumped his head on some rocks. According to Beckett she did not saw what hit the head of her son; he was just crawling toward us. His eyes were full of blood and I thought he lost his eyes. I run towards him and there was an open wound on his head, and he was screaming, ‘Mom, my head!’” Beckett stayed calmed and helped Zacarias up the stairs. A bystander, immediately called an ambulance, and the boyfriend of Beckett was comforting her daughter.

Vancouver first aid
An anonymous man immediately provided first aid on the boy just to keep him alive.

When Beckett and Zacarias were already upstairs, a woman who was wearing a rappelling gear heard the screams of the boy. She immediately called a member of their team who was a military medic. In a few minutes the medic arrived in the area and checked on Zak. He immediately provided first aid on the boy. He pulled a head bandage from his first aid kit and placed it on the head of Zak just to minimize the bleeding. Zak sat beside the military medic while waiting for the ambulance. Zak was immediately brought to a Memorial Hospital in Fergus for further treatment.

Beckett recalls during the time that they were waiting for the ambulance; she did not have the chance to talk to the medic or thank him. She taught of posting it on facebook just hoping to find him. Finally, someone posted a possible email address of the medic. Beckett checked the address on facebook, but there was no profile picture and only a hint that states “Canadian Armed Forces.” A few days later she sent an email to the medic. The medic replied that he was the one who helped her son and wanted to stay anonymous.

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