5-year-old boy saved from drowning in pool given CPR

A 5 year old boy was rescued from a pool at Langford Aquatic center. Lifeguards in the Aquatic center pulled the unconscious boy from the pool. On that day Kyle Klint and Karlie Wilson, both off-duty paramedics were also in the pool. Together with the lifeguards they immediately provided CPR and first aid on the boy. According to the off-duty paramedics, they just followed their training and kind of did what we are supposed to do in case of emergency and the outcome was very positive.

Watery ordeal

According to Klint and Wilson, they were at the pool together with their 4-year old twin boys when they saw a commotion in the water. Klint was on the waterslide of the pool when he heard the lifeguard blowing his whistle which is a sign of a danger. The lifeguards began moving people away from the pool and pulled the unconscious boy out of the water. I saw one of the lifeguards immediately provided CPR. They both recognized that the boy was in cardiac arrest and immediately stepped in and offered their help. Wilson started providing chest compressions, while Klint kept the airway of the boy clear and helped with ventilations.

Vancouver first aid

Together with the lifeguards they immediately provided CPR and first aid on the boy.

According to Klint, they really wanted some extra help; it was a very emotional scene. Anytime as a first responder, and dealing with children, it causes plenty of emotions and things become tenser. The mother of the 5 year old boy was understandably hysterical as were as our two children. Reassuring the bystanders and other people that everything is taken cared of is part of their work.

In a few minutes the boy began breathing on his own. Finally the ambulance arrived and immediately took the boy to the hospital.

The incident in the pool is a reminder about safety of children in the pool. When going for a swim, parents should keep an eye on their small children especially those who can’t swim strongly even at the pool, should wear a life jacket. When parents see their children in distress or struggling in the water should immediately call the emergency numbers. To be prepared parents should take first aid courses; it could help in times of emergency.

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