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Toddler falls through springs at B.C. trampoline park

A Surrey, B.C. woman urges trampoline parks to be regulated after frightening experience involving her 3-year old son. Better safety measures The toddler fell through the springs and onto the floor below at a park in Richmond where a father died earlier this year. Ravi Gill-Douglas’s son was at a birthday party at Extreme Air […]

Vancouver first aid

Nunavut hunters recalls encounter with the polar bears

Two Nunavut hunters survived a polar attack and one of their companions was killed. The encounter started when a mother polar bear and her cub went to their camp and attacked them. Icy ordeal According to one of the hunters named Leo Lijangiag, age 38, they were having a morning tea together with his two […]

Vancouver first aid

Snowboarder who was found down in deep powder given CPR

A 27-year old snowboarder was given CPR after suffocation incident. The incident occurred at Whistler Blackcomb over the weekend. The victim has been identified by the province’s coroner service. Life on the line The BC Coroners Service identified the snowboarder as Matej Svana who had been living in Whistler at the time and was originally […]

Vancouver first aid

Whistler Blackcomb snowboarder was not revived by CPR

An adult male snowboarder died while on Whistler Blackcomb due to an accident 3 days after opening for the season. The unconscious snowboarder was found at Whistler Blackcomb and later declared dead. He fell in an area of the ski hill with difficult terrain. Dangers while on the ice The ski patrol discovered the man […]

Vancouver first aid

CPR efforts on ‘unresponsive’ Whistler Blackcomb snowboarder failed

At Whistler Blackcomb, there was an unconscious snowboarder who was later declared dead. He fell in a site at the ski hill which has a difficult terrain. According to the statement given by the officials of the ski hill, the ski patrol responded to an emergency dispatch call on a 27-year old snowboarder who was […]

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