CPR given on boy involved in pool accident

A boy who fell into pool was given CPR. Sadly, the boy died while his brother who attempted to save him was hospitalized. Neighbors are in a state of sorrow the day after a 5-year old boy drowned in his backyard in-ground pool in the quiet residential neighborhood of Pierrefonds.

Swimming pool accident

According to Zahra Shahrajabian who lives across the street, there were a lot of police cars and ambulances and child was receiving CPR while he was taken to an ambulance.

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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an essential skill that you can learn in a first aid course.

A Quebec coroner started an investigation into the death of the boy. The coroner’s office stated that its investigation had just begun and did not provide any details.

The boy fell into the backyard pool while playing with children at his home on Ste-Croix St. The police responded to a call regarding a child in cardiorespiratory arrest. Police believe that the younger boy fell in and his 10-year old brother attempted to rescue him but could not also get out of the pool.

The boys were found by adults and attempts were made to resuscitate them. The boys were rushed to a healthcare facility, but the younger child died of his injuries several hours after being admitted. On Tuesday morning, his older brother who regained consciousness was reported to be in serious but stable condition.

A neighbor reported that he pulled both boys out of the water after hearing their cries. When he heard the screams, he ran and jumped over the fence to the pool. He found one boy and got him out. His wife started CPR. He used a pole to find the other boy and was able to get him out.

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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an essential skill that you can learn in a first aid course. This life-saving technique improves the chances of survival during emergencies.

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