Elderly man involved in drowning incident given CPR

A man was moving a boat between wharves at the time of the incident. The town of Conche is mourning for a resident who drowned on Friday. According to the Roddickton RCMP, a 65-year old man was traveling in his boat between the wharves, around the region known as Lighthouse Point.

The RCMP believes he was experiencing engine issues and had drifted into bigger waves when a swell knocked him overboard.

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CPR was immediately delivered but he was unresponsive.

The brother of the man was on shore when the boat capsized. Based on the reports of RCMP, it took some time to get a boat to attempt the rescue.

The man was later recovered by his brother. CPR was immediately delivered but he was unresponsive. According to the RCMP, after the man was recovered, he was not using a lifejacket. Nevertheless, it does not mean that he was not wearing one at the time he fell over.

In addition, the investigation is still underway and continue to determine if a lifejacket was worn.

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