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UVic student died in Tofino surfing accident given CPR

A 27-year old University of Victoria student from India died in a surfing accident despite CPR by bystanders. The incident occurred near Tofino and the man was identified was Nijin John.

Watery rescue

According to Vincent Mallaley, 47 years old, he was walking on Long Beach when he noticed a man in distress in the water, surrounded by other surfers. Mallaley walked towards the edge of the water and noticed that a Pacific Rim National Park employee was in the water attempting to help the man.

Vancouver first aid
Bystander CPR can make a big difference in the outcome of emergencies.

Mallaley has a level-three first aid certification. He ran into the knee-deep water and tried to save John. As the waves started to come in, Mallaley and the employee lifted John onto a surfboard and brought him back to the shore where they continued CPR.

A park warden arrived with an automated external defibrillator but the device did not pick up any vital signs.

John had a large-sized gash under his left eye close to his cheekbone. He later discovered that John suffered blunt force trauma to his face that resulted to a crushed cheekbone and nose.

Timely delivery of first aid

Bystander CPR can make a big difference in the outcome of emergencies. Prompt action during emergencies and accidents with immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other life-saving skills can increase the chances of survival.

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