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B.C. MP Todd Doherty receives award for saving man on a plane with CPR

An elected member of Parliament saved the life of a man who collapsed on a late-night flight. Todd Doherty was given recognition for his rapid action.

Timely action rewarded

The Conservative MP was flying from Vancouver to Prince George, B.C when he heard a loud thud shortly after takeoff. Doherty ran to the front of the plane where a man in the front row collapsed onto another passenger.

Vancouver first aid
When Doherty could not find a pulse, he started chest compression on the man.

When Doherty could not find a pulse, he started chest compression on the man. In just a few minutes later, color started to return on his cheeks and started to breathe. It was at that moment when Doherty realized that he knew the man he was saving. He knew his family and his wife.

The pilot turned the plane around and returned to Vancouver. Throughout the trip, Doherty sat and held the hand of the man to ensure that his pulse remained strong. Upon landing, the man was transferred to a stretcher and transported to a healthcare facility. In the meantime, Doherty re-boarded his plane on the way to Prince George.

Doherty was recognized for his life-saving effort for his actions on the flight. He downplayed the award and noted that he only did what first responders would do.

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