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Forearm fracture

A forearm fracture is basically a crack or break in one or both lower arm bones. The damage might be a minor crack, or the bone has shattered into several pieces. The injury is often brought about by a fall or sustaining a direct strike on the arm. In some cases, it is likely to […]

Overview on a cast

A cast mainly surrounds a damaged body part for protection, limit movement and promote healing. Casts are made of plaster or fiberglass and often used for fractures but also used for torn tendons or ligaments. Application and removal The doctor will initially apply padding around the damaged part of the body to protect the skin. […]

Fibula fracture

An acute fibula fracture is generally due to direct trauma or strike to the ankle or leg. In some cases, a stress fracture can also occur due to overuse or from repeated impacts. It is important to note that the fibula is a smaller of the 2 shin bones on the exterior region of the […]

Overview on Pott’s fracture

Pott’s fracture is defined as damage to any of the bony regions of the ankle which is called as malleoli. The fractures can involve the lateral malleoli or the medial malleoli. The injury often occurs in the same manner as an ankle sprain which is why it is difficult to differentiate from one another initially. […]

Wrist fractures

Wrist fractures can occur if an individual extends an arm to avert a fall. Both the hand and forearm endure all the weight and force from the fall and one of the wrist bones are damaged. Management of wrist fractures The main objective of treatment for wrist fractures is to restore the normal movement to […]

Overview on a talus fracture

A talus fracture can affect the movement of the ankle and foot joints as well as disrupt with ability to walk and bear weight. At the present, the injury typically occurs in vehicular accidents, significant falls and snowboarding accidents. What are the indications? An individual with a talus fracture generally has intense ankle pain, difficult […]


Osteomyelitis is defined as simply infection of the bone. If the condition is not promptly treated, it can become chronic and result to the loss of blood supply to the affected bone. Once this occurs, it can lead to the death of the bone tissue. The condition can affect both children and adults. It is […]

Fractured shoulder: What are the suitable treatments?

A fractured shoulder might be treated using passive measures such as relief from pain. The reason for this approach is that the injury involves clean breaks that can recuperate on their own. Only a small percentage of cases necessitate manipulation or surgery to realign the bones in the correct position for healing. The unaffected anatomy […]