Pro snowboarder given first aid after buried alive

An American professional snowboarder survived with the help of first aid after being buried alive. The incident was due to an avalanche in the backcountry near Whistler, B.C.

Buried alive under snow

Brock Crouch, 18-years old was under the snow for 5 minutes before his friends uncovered him. He was blue-faced but conscious. According to Shin Campos, who was on the mountain with Crouch, it was quite a bit of a miracle.

Vancouver first aid

The prompt delivery of appropriate first aid care is vital during emergencies.

It was a few days after a storm according to Campos. Around 10-30 centimeters of snow had fallen in the last few days, but it was sunny and temperatures had been warming up. When it was Crouch’s second run down the same slope on the Pemberton Icecap for a film shoot by Nevada-based Absinthe Films, Campos was acting as mountain safety location coordinator for the shoot.

Unfortunately, Crouch and another snowboarder, Cam Fitzpatrick, strayed a little off course and approached a cornice which is an overhanging mass of hardened snow. It was when Campos heard the crack of the cornice breaking away and a long rumble as it tumbled down the mountain.

When the group reached Crouch’s location, they initially uncovered his boot. It was later discovered that his body was folded in half, with his head near his crotch. After uncovering his head, his airway was cleared. They carefully and quickly excavated him out, cutting off his backpack and stabilizing his neck and back with first aid care in case of injury.

Quick intervention

The prompt delivery of appropriate first aid care is vital during emergencies. The life-saving skills improves the chances of survival.

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