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Vancouver first aid

Man survives after an incident with a grizzly

A man named Colin Dowler was traveling the backcountry trails when attacked by a grizzly. A day before his birthday, Dowler did not think he would be able to celebrate it. On a Tuesday morning, the devoted outdoor man was scouting backcountry trails located outside of Powell River, British Columbia, riding on his mountain bike. […]

Vancouver first aid

2 Snowboarders caught in an avalanche, 1 in critical condition

2 snowboarders named Tylor Williams and Nathan Fisher started out as a perfect day of snowboarding but it turned out into a disaster when one of them was caught in an avalanche. The incident happened on a remote area at Silver Star Mountain Resort at Vernon, British Columbia. Saving a life According to Williams, they […]

Vancouver first aid

Pro snowboarder given first aid after buried alive

An American professional snowboarder survived with the help of first aid after being buried alive. The incident was due to an avalanche in the backcountry near Whistler, B.C. Buried alive under snow Brock Crouch, 18-years old was under the snow for 5 minutes before his friends uncovered him. He was blue-faced but conscious. According to […]

Vancouver first aid

Hiker given first aid care by firefighters and Good Samaritans

A hiker received first aid care by firefighters and Good Samaritans. The hiker had to be rescued after injuring her ankle on a North Shore trail. She is thankful for her rescuers and the strangers who helped her before they arrived. Immediate action in the wilderness Connie Baxter stated that she was given top-notch first […]

Vancouver first aid

Woman involved in skiing expedition accident given CPR

A woman involved in a skiing expedition accident received CPR. The Mounties and coroner are investigating after a young woman who was killed while snowboarding during a cat-skiing expedition in southeastern B.C. Dangers in the wild The 32-year old woman, a resident of the Kootenays region was on a backcountry trip with a group of […]

Vancouver first aid

Nunavut hunters recalls encounter with the polar bears

Two Nunavut hunters survived a polar attack and one of their companions was killed. The encounter started when a mother polar bear and her cub went to their camp and attacked them. Icy ordeal According to one of the hunters named Leo Lijangiag, age 38, they were having a morning tea together with his two […]

Vancouver first aid

School staff training on first aid saves life of a girl

School staff of the Calgary Balmoral School had one month training on first aid, learned CPR and how to use the school’s on-site defibrillator before the start of the school year. It was on the third day of school, an incident happened that nobody had predicted, but staffs of Calgary Balmoral School were all […]

IIO investigates after Abbotsford police officer gives CPR

The civilian-led body investigates after a Salt Spring RCMP officer performed CPR. The officer performed CPR to an unresponsive man and he was later declared dead. The Independent Investigations Office is investigating after Abbotsford police officers performed CPR to an unconscious man who did not survive. Unforeseen demise The Abbotsford Police Department responded to a […]

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