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Cardiac chest pain

Cardiac chest pain among athletes can stem from various causes but heart issues must also be considered. It is important to note that cardiac chest pain among athletes can be triggered by a variety of conditions including muscle pain and referred pain from the thoracic spine. Even though the heart causes might not be suspected […]

Bacterial bronchitis

Bacterial bronchitis triggers mucosal inflammation of the airway passages in the lungs. The condition can cause symptoms such as cough, increased production of mucus and chest pain. What are the possible causes? This type of bronchitis is due to bacterial infection of the bronchi especially bacterium such as streptococcus, mycoplasma pneumoniae, Bordetella pertussis and Haemophilus […]


Spondyloarthritis strikingly resembles arthritis since it affects the tendons and ligaments attached to the bones. The condition manifests in 2 forms such as the following: Inflammation that results to pain and rigidity more often the spine but sometimes it can also involve the extremities. Destruction of bone that results to spinal deformity and impairment in […]

Middle ear infection

The middle ear is a small region of the ear at the rear part of the eardrum. It is susceptible to infection once microorganisms from the nose and throat are ensnared there. The small-sized tube that connects the ear to the throat or Eustachian tube can become swollen. This can occur during a common cold. […]

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is characterized by breathing that is often completely or partially blocked during sleep. The condition can range from mild to severe that is based on how often the lungs could not receive adequate air. This can occur from 5 up to 50 times in an hour. Possible causes of obstructive sleep apnea Constricted […]


Malaria is a serious condition that causes high fever and chills. This condition is acquired from a bite of a mosquito infected by parasites. In rare instances, an individual can acquire the condition if in contact with infected blood. Indications In most cases of malaria, it can trigger symptoms that are the same as the […]