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Brass allergy

An allergic reaction of the skin or contact dermatitis might be an indication of brass allergy. It is important to note that brass is considered as an alloy of zinc and copper but might also include other metals. Nickel is the most common metal that triggers allergic reactions. The nickel silver brass is utilized for […]

Dry cleaning solutions: Am I allergic?

Dry cleaning solutions rarely trigger an allergic reaction but there have been reported cases. The commonly used dry cleaning solution is perchloroethylene. Remember that the skin can become highly sensitive to the solutions after a single exposure or after several exposures. Close look on contact dermatitis Contact dermatitis is an allergic skin condition that arises […]

Close look on sunburn

Sunburn can develop from unprotected exposure to natural or artificial sources of UV light such as the sun or tanning booths. Even though anyone is at danger, irrespective of the skin color or weather, it is likely to develop among those with fair skin who spend extended hours under the sun. The condition is due […]

Child care: Dealing with stomach cramps

Children might experience stomach cramps due to various reasons. Diarrhea, constipation, stress, infections, food poisoning, overeating, allergies and appendicitis can trigger pain and cramping. The stomach cramps can wake children at night time which causes them to miss out on school. Various measures can be taken to alleviate the cramping. Measures in managing stomach cramps […]