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Child care: Close look on common bug bites

Stings and bug bites are common among children especially during the summer and spring season. The arthropods that bite and sting often include ticks, spiders, mosquitoes, mites, flies, wasps, ants and bees. Being familiar with preventive measures and management of common bug bites and stings can help keep children safe and healthy. Indications of bug […]

What is giardia?

Giardia is a disease that can affect both animals and humans. It can be acquired by hiking, drinking well water, travelling and from pets. Giardia is often left unnoticed or believed to be only irritable bowel syndrome. Nevertheless, it is a disease that can be treated. Remember that it should be avoided since it can […]

Close look on cholera

Cholera is a severe diarrheal illness that can be deadly if not treated. With the advancements in modern hygiene such as clean drinking water and sanitation systems, the disease is considered rare in developed countries. Even though cholera can be prevented and treated, it is still considered as a public health issue in countries where […]

What is Chagas?

Chagas or “kissing bug” disease has not gained a lot of attention but it is a condition that is worth knowing about. The condition has infected millions in South America. Chagas is an infection that can recur years later to cause detrimental health issues after an initial infection that was left unnoticed. The kissing bugs […]