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What is urethritis?

Urethritis is a condition where the urethra becomes inflamed and irritated. The urethra is a tube that transports urine from the bladder to the outside of the body. The condition typically triggers pain during urination along with an increased need to urinate. The main reason of urethritis is a bacterial infection. The condition can affect […]

What is arteritis?

Arteritis involves inflammation of the arteries that impairs the blood vessel walls and diminishes the blood flow to the organs. There are various forms of arteries and the symptoms and complications that might arise depends on the arteries affected and severity of damage. Types of arteritis Each type of arteritis has distinct symptoms and potential […]

What should I know about folliculitis?

Folliculitis is inflammation of the superficial skin of one or several hair follicles. The condition is triggered by damage to the follicles from shaving, clogged follicle or friction by clothing. The hair follicles in the groin, neck or genital area are prone to inflammation. The damaged follicle ends up infected with staphylococcal bacteria if infection […]


An abscess is the buildup of pus within the body. It typically forms due to an infection or if a foreign object is trapped inside the body. Once the body responds to the infection or attempts to eliminate a foreign object inside, the white blood cells fill the affected tissues and the resulting fluid is […]