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What is tonsillopharyngitis?

Tonsillopharyngitis is infection of the throat and/or tonsils. This condition typically affects children than adults. The tonsils include a tissue that is a component of the immune system. The tonsils and neighboring throat tissue become diseased by organisms that enter the throat and nose. Individuals who had their tonsils removed are still at risk for […]

Overview on sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory disorder where granulomas or lumps of inflammatory cells form in different organs that results to organ inflammation. The condition might be instigated by the reaction of the immune system to foreign substances such as bacteria, viruses or even chemicals. The parts of the body typically affected by sarcoidosis include the following: […]

What is a cherry angioma?

A cherry angioma is considered as a common growth on the skin that develops on most regions of the body. These growths are typically found among individuals aged 30 and older. The damaged blood vessels within a cherry angioma provides its reddish appearance. This form of skin growth is not an issue for concern unless […]

Understanding diaper rash

Diaper rash is trigger by skin irritation and usually occurs in most babies. Those who are typically affected are infants below 2 years old. Many children have suffered from it at least once before they are toilet trained. This skin irritation is also called as diaper dermatitis which causes an uncomfortable burning sensation and reddening […]