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Food intolerance in children: Chocolate

Many children consider chocolate as a favorite and often associated with birthdays, holidays and other celebrations. It is important to note that chocolate products often contain various ingredients where some are beneficial but others are capable of triggering an adverse reaction or intolerance. Remember that food intolerance and allergies are quite common among children and […]

Constipation in children

It is important to note that constipation is quite common in children and typically caused by not drinking enough fluids, not enough fiber in the diet or having a diet that is high in constipating foods (cheese, whole milk and bananas). What are the symptoms of constipation? Children with constipation typically have either large-sized hard […]

Dust mite allergy

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that thrive in bedding, mattresses and pillows and feed on human dead skin flakes as well as synthetic materials. Many individuals can be allergic to the dropping of dust mites. Luckily, the dust mite allergens are not usually airborne since these are heavy and fall to the floor, bed and […]

Atopic eczema (AEDS)

Atopic eczema involves skin inflammation with reddening, intense itching, dryness, blistering and scaling. Since not all cases can be associated to allergy, atopic eczema/dermatitis syndrome (AEDS) is the preferred term. This not a contagious condition but can persist with varying degrees of severity throughout a number of years. Symptoms AEDS typically starts with “cradle cap” […]