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Vancouver first aid

Better CPR deliver on cardiac arrest victims in Chinese neighborhoods

In one study, a cardiac arrest victim is likely to be given CPR from bystanders in the city’s ethnic Chinese neighborhoods. Victims of cardiac arrest in public can be given prompt CPR from bystanders in the Chinese neighborhoods. The chances of surviving a cardiac emergency without sustaining brain damage is relatively high if it occurs […]

Vancouver first aid

Areas of Toronto require life-saving defibrillators

The public defibrillators can be found in several places, but a new study suggests parts of downtown Toronto are under served. The defibrillators are utilized to deliver a shock to the heart to restore its normal rhythm and credited to help save lives. Accessibility of AEDs According to a University of Toronto engineering professor, there […]

Vancouver first aid

AED and quick response saved a man’s life at Canada Games Complex

A 64-year old man collapsed while playing squash and saved by an AED. The availability of a public defibrillator and the rapid action by the staff at the Canada Games Complex and the Thunder Bay paramedics were given credit for saving the life of the man. Based on a written release, a 64-year old man […]

Vancouver first aid

Possible victim of Beddington Heights incident given first aid care

The Calgary police are investigating damage to a house and vehicle after gunshots. The gunshots were heart in a northeast community. The officers responded to reports of gunshots heart in the 100 block of Beddington Circle N.E. at around 8 PM. According to the police, they discovered bullet holes in a vehicle. At the house, […]

Vancouver first aid

Fringe performer’s visit takes a serious turn where CPR is needed

Chris Parsons encourages everyone that knowing how to perform CPR is a useful skill. Parsons is a street performer with the stage name Chris Without the Hat. While in Saskatoon to perform at the Fringe Festival, he had to perform CPR to help a man breathe again. Importance of CPR training According to Parsons, he […]

Vancouver first aid

Young boy given first aid after near drowning in St-Michel

A young boy, around 7-years old is in a severe condition after nearly drowning in a public pool in St-Michel borough. Near drowning incident The police received a 911 call at around 6:35 PM saying that a young boy was found unconscious in a public pool on Francois Perreault St. A young boy, around 7-years […]

Vancouver first aid

Victim of Mission crash given first aid before air lifted

A Mission emergency personnel responded to a single-vehicular rollover. A 56-year old Osoyoos woman was airlifted to Royal Columbian Hospital after her vehicle flipped into a ditch that was filled with water. Timely rescue The local emergency personnel were requested to respond to east of Lougheed Highway and Nelson Street after the motorists witnessed an […]